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Thursday, March 30, 2006


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For all you South Park fans, check-out this South Park Character Generator - very, very good!


This is slightly off the tangent- I suppose now and days it's religious tolerance for some not for all. You can make fun of the Christians, Jews, Hindus, whatever but you poke fun at certain religions and no matter how intelligent it may be it's automatically regarded as religious bigotry. Anyhoo... that's a whole other subject all together. My feeling is that Tom 'I'm not gay!' Cruise rounded up a bunch of his lawyers and threathened to sue.
Perhaps this is slightly far fetched, but I have a feeling that the episode (which I've seen) is not only on a commentary on scientology but religion in general. Hubbard once said that if you wanted to make a million dollars start a religion. Let's face it, it's a good buisness (hey look at the success of Iglesia Universal in South America). Whether it's forking over your money for auditing in scientology or paying for classes on religious doctrine the fact is that in many religious organisations spiritual enlighment comes with a price. And to me if such an accusation was even hinted in the slightest it would have sure as hell pissed off Viacom.

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