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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


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British Telecom faced heavy criticism by a London judge yesterday (25/04/2007) for failing its customers and not responding efficiently enough when it had power to do so.

In a terse judgment, BT was ordered to pay costs to Capital Fortune Mortgage Advisers and the national telecoms provider was held to be in clear breach of contract. The battle began some 11 days ago when incompetent BT engineers mistakenly cut off the award winning mortgage broker's broadband connections at its London service centre. The action caused the loss of thousands of pounds and left homeowners across the capital unable to complete their mortgages.

BT lawyers had earlier claimed it was “physically impossible” to reactivate the lines, only to back track later and claim that, by allowing BT customers to obtain an injunction, it would open the floodgates to customers using the courts.

The full judgment will be made available on Capital Fortune’s website (, allowing anyone experiencing problems with BT to gain access and inspiration.

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