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Friday, April 07, 2006


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It is interesting that the goverment tries to designate areas where one can protest. Area A is not good sir, please move your protest to area Z. It doesn't matter that area Z is out in the middle of the scotish moors and you will have not much more of an audience than a few lost sheep... go on or get an ASBO...
The funny bit is the way that the justification is laid down on the public: we do this to protect you, for your own good... The perverted way in which this is laid down and repeated mechanicaly by the government is reminiscent of the times of the spanish inquisition. Freedom is becoming a paradox: you need to loose it in order to use it. You are free but not just anywhere...
Better examples of the nanny state ruling the UK would be the cases of the teenager who got fined for swearing in a private conversation, the other teenager who went to court because he was wearing a Craddle of Filth tshirt showing a nun masturbating, and the boy of ten whose school took him to court after insulting another pupil from a different etnicity...

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