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Thursday, March 09, 2006


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As one reads more, investigates a little further, and begins asking uncomfortable questions about 911 and its aftermath, it becomes glaringly obvious that all is not well with the direction in which the Bush administration, and the powers that be (New World Order) are seeking to take our most precious and valuable world. Not since the events of Pearl Harbour (similarity anyone?) has a tragedy been used, manipulated,and distorted to push ahead with polices that affect not just the American way of life, that that of the rest of the world.

If we take a very short look back at recent US involvement in tragic events of the last 30 years, you have to ask yourself whether the US administration is in any danger of self hypocrisy, and more importantly, whether we can entrust the future development of the social, political, and economic prosperity of this world to an administration that not only has scant regard for the welfare of citizens, but has systematically, endorsed the activity of tyrannical and self serving corporations across the globe.

CIA/US Government backed coups in Nicaragua, Guatemala, Panama, Chile, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, all serve as examples of the US administration pursuing policies of what they considered to be in the best interests of the people. This of course ignores the fact that many of these governments were democratically elected.Now look at where these countries are in terms of freedom? Standard of living? Safety? are these the noble core values that are under question?

what does this say about the US leading by example? How can Iran take the US requests for a non-nuclear treaty, when whilst calling for peace in the Middle East, the US has not only continued to arm Israel to the teeth, but has also ignored the role of the United Nations in its attempts to broker peace in the region.

These are unfortunateley dangerous times that we are all living in - but I am hopeful for the future, am hopeful that as people begin to 'wake up' and really read between the lines of US foreign policy we shall start to witness a massive shift in social consciousness, and then may we all begin to slowly turn things around.

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